Saturday, January 29, 2011

About Pinnacle iApps

Today it’s an year I’m into developing iPhone application. Now as young entrepreneurs with a team of three it’s just a new beginning again.  It's been crazy and fun to try to learn something new so quickly!

It’s a place to use your wacky ideas, feeling every idea of yours is innovative. Believe me it’s Freedom for Wisdom!!!

Overall we've really enjoyed iPhone Application development so far. After working on web apps for so long it's nice to have a different set of pain points. Memory management in Objective-C isn't nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be but it is very frustrating to see the non-descriptive EXEC BAD ACCESS. We have always make a ton of mistakes when trying out new things. Luckily, we are good at debugging!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iMusicKit 3D HD

Here is a 4 in 1 iMusicKit 3D HD available at an UNBELIEVBLE PRICE. 

iMusicKit 3D HD is an interestingly super cool iPad app which helps you tune a bunch of musical instruments using your iPad. This widely available mobile multi touch iMusicKit comes with a series of instruments like PIANO, GUITAR, BEAT PAD and TABLA under one roof. If you are a master of one instrument try this app and get multi skilled. This is a fun app for all the music lovers. This app consists of complex Musical instruments features with rich 3D graphics. This music kit has an elegant look and makes users to imagine how a huge music kit got seized in iPad, but nonetheless this app with its cool features tries its best to evoke the musician in you and makes you feel the music. 

Impress your friends with your tunes…. 

PIANO: Are You Ever Sick and Tired dusting your bulky Piano n hunk of furniture in your living room. Here is a friend which can accompany you where ever you go. 

•48 key piano with an excellent 3D effects while playing. 
•Multi Touch / Multi slide playing. 
•Simple and easy to use 3D key board 
•Use both hands with our double Keyboards on the screen 
•Robust Bass, Warm middles, crisp highs. 
•Play Chords with up to 5 figures 

GUITAR: Have you found an electronic guitar always hanging on your wall. 

•4 banks of 6 chords each of which access is possible at anytime simple by tapping on the counter you want 
•Real Acoustic / Electric Sounds. 
•3D Vibration touch and play. 
•Rightly and Lefty Modes 
•Easy to use interface for looking up chords- everything is on the screen 

BEAT PAD: Are you wondering about the beat pad hidden in the closet? 

•16 Beats 
•Multi touch Support 
•Retina Display Resolution 
•Less Cultured Interface 
•Select from over 50 available beats 
•Change pitch and volume for each pad 

TABLA: Do you think you are not familiar or you take ages to learn Tabla? 
Tabla is a percussion interment widely used in Indian Classical Music. It has two pieces- the left part of the “bayaan” provides the heavy bass while the right part or the “dayaan” provides main percussion sound. 

•Multi touch with six different sounds. 
•Sounds used from actual instrument for more realistic sound